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Will you sing a song with me

It’s called we are humanity

Together we can do great things

If we learn to spread our wings

Just do a little part

It starts inside your heart

Let your smile touch the world

Share your hidden pearls

Why judge others let them be

There’s only one you and one me

Speak your truth but walk your talk

The power of love shall be unlocked

Lift someone up today

Tell them it will be ok

You have the power to heal

When you show how you feel


One fragile earth one precious sky

Open up your heart and stretch out your mind

To the possibilities for humankind

Irrigate the deserts turn them all green

Grow the healthy food so many people need

Clean water from the sea once the salt is out

New ideas is what it’s all about

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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