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Bartholomew and his mule were walking by the canal

Four and twenty miles to go and he’d be seein his gal

Sweet Melinda was her name

She grew up by the River Thames

But she moved away

To a town with bells called Tunbridge Wells

A mockingbird sat on a tree and sang his silly rhymes

Melinda and Bartholomew strolled beneath the pines

Hand in hand they made a vow

That they’d buy a milking cow

For their wedding day

And grazed it in the dell

By Tunbridge Wells



In Tunbridge Wells

They ring the bells

When babes are born

And on Sunday mornings

Quite a Scene on

Village Green

Mrs. Whyte would arrive

With her fresh mince pies

The mayor gave a belly laugh as he puffed on his pipe

Church was out and the talk was of Mrs. Whyte

She lived to be a hundred and three

She could make such a heavenly tea

And she loved to hunt

Till the day she fell in Tunbridge Wells


The mayor passed away one day the whole town shed a tear

Bartholomew was put in charge and hats flew in the air

Sweet Melinda and her friend Miranda

Shared a  tea on the veranda


With the ladies in the frills

From Tunbridge Wells


All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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