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Walk down progression / Notes are:

Penny woke up one fine morning

and had a cup of tea

She was staring at the stripes

Upon a bumble bee

The way black melted into yellow

Wings a buzzing like a cello

Made her want to dance the morn away

Zephyr stepped out one sweet evening

And looked up at the stars

He found himself pondering

The lonely spot on Mars

A dark circle on a crimson sphere

Just seemed to be a wee bit queer

He wished he never he never had to sleep again

Barefoot days moon-kissed nights

Fruit is on the vine

Autumn mist I feel so ripe

I crush grapes into wine

Most things only seem only quite normal

When you’re half asleep

The smallest thing may well reveal

Some great mystery deep

But just when you are not so ready

You meet a rotund gal named Betty

Who takes your cow for handful of old beans

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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