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I met Ophelia on an afternoon at Casablanca Square

On such a sweet day sun was shining mimosa in the air

In her summer dress selling strawberries

Her auburn hair was blowing in the breeze

Me and Ophelia ran on down to where the tide was rolling in

Riding on each wave and swimming out to where the dolphins showed their fins

The fishing boats were coming back home from the sea

Ophelia was my philosophy

Sometimes where you are is just where you want to be

Sometimes without trying things work out right

Sometimes you see more than you were meant to see

Sometimes heaven shines and earthly light

Oh my Ophelia I see your face each time I hear the church bells chime

Oh my Ophelia at times I see our children dancing in the light

Your heart sailed upon the turquoise sea

I was too young for love’s trigonometry

Sometimes where you are is not where you thought you’d be

Sometimes crying just don’t make things right

Sometimes you’re blinded by the visions that you see

When heaven shines an earthly light

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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