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I am Free is dedicated to the eternal child within each of us.

Featuring: Josh Cleveland on keyboards & vocals, Kane Timlin on bass and percussion, Landon Philip on guitars and vocals, Conrad Osipowicz on drums, Andrew Kutt on acoustic guitar and vocals. Video created by Gabri Espina.


Running barefoot

Wind in my hair

Without a care

Across the summer

Grass so green

Just lie in the sun

And then so fun

Jump in the river

Days just flowing

One into the next into the next

Under the starlight

Catching fireflies

In glass jars


I am free

No boundaries surrounding me

No boundaries

Surrounding me

Wild blueberries

Baked in a pie

Whip cream piled high

Up to the white clouds


Spit out the seeds

Into the breeze

Looking for rainbows

Peals of laughter

Fly like milkweed plumes

Across the field

Dancing in raindrops

Sliding into mud puddles

Chorus x 2

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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