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Many great teachers have come our way

But did we hear what they had to say

They taught of peace and love

But we’ve put a cage around the dove

Love your neighbor as your self

Put your ego on a shelf

Make what is broken whole

See the world through the eyes

Of a child who laughs and cries

And lives in the soul

Mother Mary come and guide us

Lord Vishnu stand beside us

Brother Buddha walk before us

And show us a higher love

Higher Love

Higher Love

For all the battles that we’ve fought

What have we won, who have we become

Our time is fleeting on this earth

What will we make out of this birth

Lay your arrows aside

Look at the endless sky

The sun shines on us all

It doesn’t care where we pray

Or if we’re straight or if we’re gay

So tear down the walls

Father Abraham smile down on us

Beloved Allah remain inside of us

Oh Great Spirit please surround us

With a higher love

Higher love

Higher love

Beyond mind beyond form

The vast cosmos is where we were born

We all share the same source

We’re of a higher love

We’re of a higher love

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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