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May you follow the dreams in your heart

May you fly high into the bluest sky

May you discover who you really can be

Stay true to yourself you’re not like anyone else

May you be thankful for

The blessings that come your way

For they’ll never be another day

Exactly like today


So fly, go and fly

Fly, go and fly

May you keep a place deep inside of you

Where you can go and nobody knows

Where you can gather the polished stones

Of the wild blue sea and be free

May you walk the white sands

Where the waves crash at your feet

And may this be the most you need

For you to feel complete


May you climb to the snow-capped peaks

See the cascades flow in the valley below

May you hear the voice of the mountain wind

May it guide you home when you feel alone

May you keep your vision pointed toward

The golden sunrise

And may her rays gently touch your face

And teach you to be wise

Chorus x 3‍

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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