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I was eight and you were nine

That was about the time

That mother let us go off by ourselves

Barefoot by the lake we’d be

I would splash and make you scream

We’d share secrets we promised to never tell


We’d say if you get there ahead of me wait by the oak tree

We’ll catch fireflies in the summer night

We’ll lie on the grass look at the stars and talk about how far

The universe extends and whether it’s always been

And we’ll follow the whippoorwill home

You left in your old Chevrolet

All I could do was stand and wave

I walked back inside to my guitar

On the day I was going to graduate

I was so mad cause you were late

Then we raced to the lake as it grew dark


All these times I spent with you were the happiest times I ever knew

But they all went by so fast you always think their going to last

So each day I hug the ones I love and be sure to thank God above

These moments won’t come again and someday we’ll be saying

remember when

I know we’re apart by half the world

And you’ve got three boys and I have two girls

But what do you say we show them where we’re from

You all could fly when school is out

We could stay at the old farmhouse

Head to the lake and let the kids just run

Chorus / Close

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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