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I’ve been doing some reflection

About my life’s direction

I need a fresh inflection

A cosmic course correction

So I embrace the inhalations

And do sun salutations

But keep low expectations

To avoid devastations

I am just swimming with the tide

To keep my inner child alive

On this wild and lonely shore

I peel the layers to my core

There are no road signs

To find peace of mind

It just rolls in with the with the waves

So every day I baptize

The only soul I can save

I try not to make revisions

On my old decisions

I keep just one ambition

Destroy the ammunition

That I might have created

Before I got initiated

And learned how to feel elated

No need to be sedated

You might say I’m optimistic

But perhaps you might have missed it

Chased a firefly then I kissed it

That’s how I became a mystic

Traveled beyond the border

Of my mind’s accustomed order

Ground my fears down to mortar

Let them blow around the corner

Don’t need a lot of money

Don’t need it always sunny

It takes just a bit of honey

To make a bad day funny

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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