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Andrew Kutt performs Save My Soul live at the Pilgrimage of the Heart with Shambhu Vineberg on lead guitar.


I was sitting with my sandbox toys

Like an average little boy

When I heard the cosmic background noise

And felt a kaleidoscopic joy

Now I’m spinning here in the Milky Way

Where our own sun comes up every day

Touches us with golden rays

So we can laugh and we can play


Into the light I shall unfold

Into the light I shall unfold

I breathe the fragrance of my soul

I breathe the fragrance of my soul


Everything is crystalline

Each snowflake has its own design

As the diamonds in the mine

And the spider web so fine

Nothing will ever stay the same

So flow into the cosmic game

Step outside our mental frames

And rise up to a different plane


The raindrops coming from the sky

Are like the tears inside my eyes

And the rivers flowing to the sea

The shooting stars that fall to earth

Come from the place that gave me birth

The origin of all that’ yet to be

I sit here on this spinning sphere

I rub my eyes and drink my jasmine tea

Interlude / Solo

Chorus x 3

Interlude to close

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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