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Well I went to find my country

But there was nobody home

I walked the halls of Congress

But I found myself alone

I called the President

He would not pick up the phone

I went looking for the White House

They said that address is alone


Rabbit run rabbit run

From the gates of Washington

I got my bible and and my blanket

Going to sleep here at the feet of Jefferson

So I went to the doctor

To find out just what was ailing me

He took a deep breath took off his glasses

Said let me tell you what I see

You got a bad case of conscience

They banished all that back in 1963

Ain’t been but one man for whom it really mattered

That’s the man they sent up to Cavalry


So I went to the preacher

To ask if knew what I should do

He said boy take your first communion

Then try to see it from God’s point of view

This world is full of little children

And sometimes children misbehave

Put your trust in the GovernorIf you really want to be saved

Rabbit run rabbit run to your islands in the sun

There’s nobody left here but the ones

With broken dreams and vacant stares

Who clutch their beads and say their prayers

And so I went to the Governor

He said there’s no one here by that name

Once you get a taste of power

Things somehow start to change

The problem here is with Justice

The way she’s treated is a sin

But there’s not much I can do now

With the kind of fix you’re in

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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