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In a dream last night I met a bearded man

He walked up to me and he reached out his hand

He asked me what it was I called my homeland

And when I told him he just shook his head

America America I gave my life for America

America America someday we’ll get to America

Now on the streets of Baltimore, St. Louis and Cleveland

Innocent sons lay dead

And in a humble church down in Charleston

The holy water was turned red

America America they died on the way to America

America America someday we’ll get to America

We keep sailing on

Though our sails are torn

Toward the land we dreamed

While our conscience screamed

Where we’ll right all the wrongs

We’ve waited for so long

It’s time we learn to change

Begin to rearrange

How we are thinking

To keep this ship from sinking

It’s made of blood and bone

It’s  still far from home

So let’s wipe off these tears

Until all this smoke clears

Hold those who are grieving

To keep believing (hold note)

Midst of this dust and haze

Our hearts will find a way

Today I drove out to Bull Run battlefield

I saw blood running heard the clash of steel to steel

Brother looking into the eyes of brother with death and fear

Musket and cannon in my ear

America America we’ve won some battles but not the war

America America – someday we’ll get to America

America America – we’re on our way to America

All Rights Reserved. Words and Music by Andrew Kutt. ©️2023 Andrew Kutt

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